About Us

At SPI USA, we provide clients and international donor organizations with a variety of business, technology, and development consulting services.

SPI USA has established itself as a reliable and effective provider of tailored consulting services. The firm applies its diverse business experience, technical expertise and international experience towards the specific needs of the client on projects throughout the developing and industrialized world.

Each specific service is managed by an SPI USA Senior Consultant and supported by SPI consultants and affiliated experts. SPI USA experts are selected from a well-established network of proven independent consultants and professors from renowned academic programs.

SPI USA also possesses a strong global perspective. SPI consultants have extensive international experience, which provides clients an opportunity to reach international markets and develop international partnerships. SPI USA's international activities are supported through affiliated offices located in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

SPI USA's extensive network and in-house capabilities provide clients the necessary competitive edge to remain successful in highly dynamic industries.